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Beauty Salon | Anavyssos Attica

DEmand Beauty Salon brings you the latest technology in laser machines and modern methods, healing a wide range of aesthetic issues. We have made a great step in the field of Aesthetic Medicine with machines that guarantee short and lasting results from the very first applications. Visit our site to learn more about the treatments and current offers.





ΑΙPL Lasers produce targeted and filtered high energy light energy that is absorbed by hair melanin and converted to thermal energy which eventually destroys the hair follicle. ΑΙPL Laser has specific programs to adjust the light emission according to the skin's image (skin color), the size and color of the hair we want to epilate. We can apply it safely everywhere even in the most sensitive areas (such as face, bikini, underarms) with a high percentage of success quickly and painlessly.

Definite photodegradation
 Eliminate dyschromias
 Scar restoration
 Acne treatment
 Fight cellulite
 Breast lift

The ideal time is during the winter months when the skin has lost all or most of the amount of melanin from the summer tan. In this case, we can use higher voltages to get better results.


RF Ultrasound therapy is the revolutionary new nanotechnology method for facial and neck lifting to reduce wrinkles and tighten without a lance. 

cellulite smoothing 
acceleration of lymphatic circulation
increase in lipolysis and fat loss
microcellular dissolution and elimination

The body RF Ultrasound treatment is appropriate for all ages and all skin types, this unique, non-invasive method focuses on the focus of the problem, causing cellular and fibrotic degradation, resulting in the spread and removal of adipocytes. It heats the tissues, activating the deeper layers of skin collagen while helping the products absorb better, offering you truly remarkable results, quickly and painlessly.

Vmax Hifu

Vmax Hifu is a modern treatment machine for bloodless facelifts and bloodless liposuction - facial and body liposuction. Reliable, easy to use, with instant results that last.

One of the latest innovative therapies, which is the alternative to surgical lifting.
In the search for innovative therapies and using Dermaline's new Vmax HIFU technology, non-invasive  /S ultrasound lifting (HIFU) is an alternative to surgical lifting by remodeling the face, neck and décolleté, resulting in complete natural, giving a relaxing and youthful look. It is the latest technology and is based on the action of focused ultrasound penetration (U/S) at a depth of up to 4.5 mm, that is, at the depth that invasive facelift reaches.
It is a completely bloodless method, without incisions and without scars and scars. It does not interfere with the internal organs, it does not cause, does not cause injuries, it is painless and absolutely safe.

The ultrasound activity precisely targets layers of connective tissue and muscle layers of the epidermis, in the known SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System). That is, the layer that intervenes the plastic surgeon in a surgical facelift to lift and correct the tone of loose skin. In the same way, treatment focuses selectively on problem areas and on multiple levels, achieving a natural gradual effect of clamping and rectifying the applied points.
Non-invasive ultrasound lifting U/S (HIFU) does not cause photosensitivity and can be performed all year round. Its effect is not affected by exposure to sunlight because ultrasound targets the depth rather than the surface of the skin. It also does not require anesthesia or recovery time and allows immediate return to activities. The effects of tightening and skin rejuvenation are evident immediately after the session and continue to improve continuously for the next 2-3 months. The collagen production process is in progress and full remediation is achieved after 6 months.
The treatment is aimed at people over 30 years of age, since the first signs of relaxation and wrinkling and the age of 65, at the age when the skin still retains a relative elasticity, appear. It is applied to any part of the face and body where there is relaxation, wrinkles and fine lines. In particular, in the outline of the face, the cheekbones, the bipolar, the neck and the neckline. It can be combined with Dermapen Mesotherapy or Mesotherapy, botulinum toxin injection (Botox) and hyaluronic acid injectable implants. Immediately after treatment, mild irritation and mild redness or edema may occur, gradually leaving in the next few hours.

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3D Cavitation

The most effective method of liposuction and treatment of cellulite without surgery, which is based on the three-dimensional action of the energy of special medical ultrasounds. The effectiveness of 3D Lipo Cavitation therapy is related to these ultrasounds, which are produced by a special platform and fluidize the fat that accumulates on our skin. Then the fat is removed with the lymphatic system and eventually eliminated from the body gradually. Cavitation therapy is most commonly applied to the following areas of the body: facethighs, buttocks, inner knees, belly and arms.

Face: Tightening and rejuvenating a face with focused ultrasound through Cavitation technology is performed by applying sound waves to the epidermis by focusing their action on the deeper layers of the tissue where a totally controlled amount of electrothermal energy is transferred.

Body: Having as a central axis the action of ultrasound, the innovative technique for drastic loss of local fat and liposuction is the most effective method of liposuction without surgery, scarring and immediate recovery. While there are immediate results at the first session, it is necessary to make from 8 to 10 sessions for optimum results or to combine lipodialysis methods for more immediately visible results.



It is a machine with a special Vacuum suction head that exerts strong aspiration to the tissues by oxygenating them, increasing and improving blood circulation, activating metabolism and stimulating the lymphatic system by removing toxins from the body. Designed for new technology, combining radio frequencies with powerful mechanical lymphatic massage, is the scientific development in body tightening and liposuction.
This method reduces the phlebovultimal posture, improves the removal of toxins, accelerates the metabolism of fat and stimulates the fibroblasts, resulting in the impressive tightening of the skin, restoring its elasticity. It further enhances and accelerates lipolysis and as a result we have a reduction in cellulite and orange peel appearance.



Microdiamonds: Removes dead accumulated cells and surface sebum. Eliminates discoloration and scarring, making the skin smooth and shiny!

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